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Product Range

Kebia is proud to present the finest quality range of cheese, olives and oil, imported from around the world to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

cheese range

Cheese Range

From Bulgarian, to Greek, to Australian Feta our range is extensive. A cheese platter incorporating feta, kasseri, kefalograviera and even halloumi is the perfect complement to a meal.

oil range

Oil Range

From cooking oil such as Vegetable, Corn, Canola and Sunflower, to oils with flavour. Try Extra Virgin Olive oil in your next Greek or green salad, or even drizzle over warm bread for that pure indulgent taste.

olive range

Olive Range

Add olives to your cheese platter and your meal is complete. Our range includes kalamata, black, green crushed and dry olives. For the gourmet touch, why not try our range of marinated olives.